Monday, April 8, 2019

Selling Rhymes On Diamond

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दीवानगी आँखों में हो 


तो इन्तजार रहता है

धड़कन में हो तो 

दिल बेक़रार रहता है

 पर जब हीरा करता हो 

आपके प्यार की पहचान

 फिर कौन किसी और 

चीज का तलबगार रहता है



 इसके तलबगार सब हैं 


About  Diamond :

Diamond is the aranged form of carbon. In our society, when it is considerd the matter of prestige to give Diamond Ring to bride or bridegroom.  Gold is the first choice of women in Indian society but Diamond is above all. You must have watched the advertisement "Heera Hai Sada Ke Liye". This fact is true because Diamond is more costly than Gold and it is considered especially in Indian Society that Diamond is the matter of rich people and it is true also. Beacuse of all these facts of Diamond, I wrote this Selling Rhymes On Diamond. So enjoy Selling Rhymes On Diamond and be continue with Selling Rhymes.

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