Sunday, April 7, 2019

Selling Rhymes On Nescafe

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दिन गुजरता है इसके साथ 

और फिर रात हो जाती है

सुबह उठते ही फिर से इसकी

शुरुआत हो जाती है


  इससे जी नहीं भरता 

selling rhymes, vishal gupta likhta hoon wahi jo lagta hai sahi
Selling Rhymes On Nescafe

About Nescafe :

 Nescafe is very popular Coffee Brand. You must have seen an advertisement on your TV. The rhyming words of that advertisement is in my mind even now. Those words are "Ho Shuru Ho Din Aise, Ho Shuru Har Pal Aise",...........Nescafe. Nescafe Coffee is made by Nestle. For Nescafe, I can just only say that when I think of Coffee, the name that comes in my mind at once, that's Nescafe only. So enjoy this Selling Rhymes On Nescafe and be continue with Selling Rhymes.

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