Thursday, April 25, 2019

Selling Rhymes On Toyota Fortuner

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Toyota Fortuner

दौड़ती है सड़कों पर
 रफ़्तार जैसे Tiger है 
रूतबा देती है अलग 
ये Toyota  Fortuner हैं। 

selling rhymes, vishal gupta likhta hoon wahi jo lagta hai sahi
Selling Rhymes On Toyota Fortuner

About Toyota Fortuner :

 Toyota Fortuner is mid size SUV.  It is originally assembled in Thailand. It is manufactured by Toyota. Toyota Foruner is very much popular as far as India is concerned. This is the choice of big politicians and businessmen. So enjoy this Selling Rhymes on Toyota Fortuner and be continue with Selling Rhymes.

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