Sunday, June 9, 2019

Selling Rhymes On Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield

मुझे देखते हैं लोग तो
उनके दिल में उतरती हूँ
कैसी भी हो सड़क
मैं रौब से गुजरती हूँ। 

Royal Enfield Bullet

मुझसे पहचान बनती है 

selling rhymes, vishal gupta likhta hoon wahi jo lagta hai sahi
Selling Rhymes On Royal Enfield

About Royal Enfield 

Royal Enfield is an Indian motorcycle manufacturing company. It is Situated in Chennai. It is the oldest brand in terms of continuous production. It was basically a British motorcycle company. It became the indigenous Madras(Now Chennai) Motors later. So enjoy this Selling Rhymes on Royal Enfield and be continue with Selling Rhymes.

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