I am Vishal Gupta. I have started this blog to create advertisement rhymes. I have worked as a Telecom Sector Employee in my past. I have worked in Aircel Dishness Wireless Ltd., Vodafone, Tata Docomo and Telenor. While working in Telecom, I attended several Training Sessions. During Training Session, a lot of discussion about the marketing there. I used to write rhymes on a board while working as an Inshop Promotor on a Telecom Shop. Those Rhymes were very helpful in selling Aircel Sim. So  I got an idea to create a blog named Selling Rhymes from there.

My Two Other Blogs :

I own two other blogs also. One blog name is "Sawalsarkarpar.com" and Second One is "Howcanidefine.com".  You will get all my details in Hindi 

My Facebook Page :

I also own a Facebook Page named "विशाल गुप्ता, लिखता हूँ वही, जो लगता है सही" .  You will get all the details about me in Hindi language also on these blogs. I am giving the web address of these two blogs hereunder. You can click and read these blogs here :

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